The Rise Of The Websites!

Every year about a couple months before the haunt season begins, many new haunt websites pop up. It's cool to see how haunts want to be percieved from year to year and 2011 is no different. The Fear Experience in North Olmsted, OH has a brand new website which is much cleaner than previous websites they've had. It's fast and not confusing in the slightest bit. They have even created a professional quality commercial that features clips from the haunt and people's reactions to what they just experienced.

Other websites that are new this year include Sandyland Acres in Petersburg, KY. Their new website is themed perfectly and gives you an idea of what the haunt is really like. Freddy Krueger and Leatherface hiding in the cornfield was also a great touch as well as the crows serving as icons for the menu. I also can't forget about Dungeons of Delhi in Cincinnati, OH. Their new website is a huge step up from previous years. It's a bit cutting edge and includes an improved logo for the haunt. It will be interesting to see how different haunts overhaul their sites this season and please don't forget to visit the ones I just mentioned by visiting the links below.