New Haunt is Coming to Shepherdsville Kentucky!

The creators of Nightmare Forest in Brandenburg, KY bring you a new haunt that will be invading Shepherdsville, Ky this Halloween season. It's called Dead End Hotel and promises to be a quality event that is sure to put a chill down your spine.

Dead End Hotel is a hotel themed haunt that's primarily indoors. It's based on a hotel built around the 40's and had to shut down in the late 60's to early 70's.There was a strange and unfortunate murder and Justine Brown was found hanging in one of the rooms upstairs. Guests reported sightings of ghosts, and complained of the sound of footsteps in their room. 

Every room in the hotel has a hotel theme, from a hotel room, to a secret gambling room, a bar, the janitor's closet, etc. Once you complete going through the hotel there will be approximately 5 sites that will be outside. These scenes will be based off of a carnival that used to reside at the Dead End Hotel.

Dead End Hotel will be open every Friday and Saturday starting September 20th. It's located at 495 South Lakeview Dr, Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40216.

City Blood will keep you up to date on any further news that might develop. Please visit their Facebook page at

Clown Photo Shoot at MHC!

On June 8th, the Cannibal Crew will be doing a clown photo shoot at this year's Midwest Haunters Convention. They are trying to get more people to come and need as many clowns as possible.

The Cannibal Crew is doing the photoshoot at noon on Saturday at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and there will also be a picnic afterwards. Everyone is invited, but you have to be wearing a clown costume, makeup or anything clown related. For the picnic, please bring your own plates, food, blanket etc.

For more information, please visit the event page at