Fright Manor Presents Zombie Wars!

Fright Manor Haunted House

Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30, 2016
7:30 pm - 10 pm
$15 general admission (cash only)
$10 show your high school or college id
2909 South Meridian Street Indianapolis IN 46225

As you walk thru the creepy rooms and dark hallways of our haunt, it's the end of the world as we know it. Blood thirsty zombies will be attacking you to eat your brains and body parts. All you have to protect yourself, is our electronic shotgun to kill these SOBs. Can you kill enough to make it out alive?
Bonus - we have opened up the last area for your enjoyment. Once we take the guns off of you at the end, you still have more to go thru. And, in the dark. You never know what lurks at the end. It's pure and total madness. Some of you will pee your pants for sure.

Factory of Terror Open Friday the 13th!

Factory of Terror in Canton, OH will be open on Friday, May 13th. Tickets are $27 at the door and $25 online. It goes from 7-11pm. For more information, please visit

Midnight Syndicate Zombie Album!

CLEVELAND, Ohio, April 11, 2016 –

Almost 13 years after releasing the first official roleplaying soundtrack to the iconic Dungeons & Dragons® game, award-winning composers and dark music pioneers Midnight Syndicate have teamed up with premier horror game designer Twilight Creations to produce a soundtrack album for the zombie apocalypse-themed Zombies!!! board game. The dark instrumental album, which will feature new and previously recorded material blended with movie-style sound design, is designed to heighten the game play experience. The musical theme will center around the Zombies!!! board game and its 15 expansion sets that pay homage to classic zombie films, especially those of directors George Romero and Sam Raimi.

“I’m a big fan of Zombies!!!,” said Edward Douglas. “With the game celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2016, it seemed like the perfect time to undertake this project. We’re working closely with the Twilight team to create something that really enhances their players’ gaming experience. I think album will also resonate with our fans in the Halloween and haunted house industries.

“Musically, it will be interesting to work in a modern setting,” added Gavin Goszka. “Most of our albums have been set in the Victorian and early 20th century, so this will definitely be something different and exciting for us and our fans.”

“Words cannot express how excited I am to have Midnight Syndicate doing a soundtrack for Zombies!!!,” said Twilight Creations co-founder Kerry Breitenstein. “For many of our players, Midnight Syndicate’s music has already been the unofficial soundtrack to their gaming sessions over the years. To have them working with us to create something specifically for our universe is incredible.”

The soundtrack is tentatively scheduled for release in September in coordination with the release of the Zombies!!! Ultimate Collector Set and Zombies!!! Ultimate Upgrade Kit.

Midnight Syndicate official website:
Twilight Creations’ official website:

Fear Fair Presents Zombie Prom!

Indiana's most outrageous themed party is back from the dead once again!

King and queen contest, door prizes, red carpet photos, photo booth, professional zombie makeovers, casket ride,and so much more! It's a party to die for!

$20 single ticket price
$35 per couple
Ticket price includes meal
Advance tickets and t-shirts available NOW!

LIVE party rock with 812 @ 10 pm in the front bar !!
DJ George Mantz with Elite Soundz in Club Rox 8 - close !!


Transworld 2016 Article!

City Blood's article covering Transworld's Halloween & Attractions Show 2016 is live. Read about the new vendors and our overall feeling of this year's trade show. Click on the link below to read the article which includes pictures and a video compilation.