Crazy Bob's International Haunt Actor Recruiting Service

2017 Hollywood Horrors – Australian Haunt Acting Opportunities
·        Dates: Leave USA – July – Return early October – Working 3 Shows in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne and possibly one other event in Sydney for Halloween.

·        Contracting 2-3 people willing to go over and stay this entire time.

·        Qualifications Include:
o       Passport & Clean Record
o       Haunt Acting Experience and Creative Dialogue Abilities Required
o       Exceptional Makeup and Costuming Skills & Characters
o       Excellent Microphone Hawking Abilities or be Trainable & Willing to Learn
o       Prefer 21 and Over
o       Be in Great Physical Health
o       Willing to Train and Teach Others using our Hauntertainer University Manual
o       Building Skills are a PLUS!

·         Compensation as follows:  
o        Round Trip Flights & Visas to Australia from the closest major airport to you
o        $135.00 AUS per day + $15.00 AUS per day food allowance (31 Show Work Days = $4,340.00-for 2-months time – this rate does NOT include staying to work the Sydney Halloween event in October)
o       Accommodations provided within walking distance or 30 min. public transport
§         You will share an efficiency type apartment or hotel room with others
o       Transportation within Australia to the other Show Sites
o       Work is also available for set up and tear down of each of the Shows as well as available between Shows at a rate of: $100.00 per day plus $10.00 food allowance.

§         Work all 3 shows and help with set-up & tear down for each show–receive a $400.00 bonus or $600.00 bonus if you work through Halloween)
§         $200.00 bonus per person for any Awards Won at any of the Shows!
§         Stay and work the Sydney Halloween Show and earn the extra day rate pay as well!

o       Sight-seeing and/or Time Off:
§         Is available as an option by arriving early or staying longer or taking the gap in-between shows to sight-see… but keep in mind this expense is on your own and if you are not working for Hollywood Horrors at these times… you will be required to pay for your own accommodations, transportation, meals, tours, etc… during your sightseeing days

(This is a very IMPORTANT requirement for those chosen as finalists)
WHEN: June 23 – 25 , 2017 (Fri – Sun)

WHERE: Haunted Hydro - 1333 Tiffin St., Fremont, OH 43420

WHAT: Any and all interested Haunt Actors wishing to be considered for the upcoming August/September/October Australian Show dates MUST attend this important training and screening event. It will cover everything you need to be aware of and better prepare you for your acting encounter DOWN-UNDER.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Attendees are welcomed to camp for FREE on the grounds of the Hydro… tents may be brought in and we also have a couple campers & small huts that could be used as sleeping quarters for up to 4 people. We will have a Porta-John on site, but NO running water. We are working on having showers available at a nearby campground, etc… has rooms in Fremont starting at $89.00 a night and up… but with Cedar Point so close… they book up fast… suggest using Priceline or to find the best rates.

COST: A small $75.00 fee for this training is required before or upon arrival – This fee covers the training, accommodations if staying onsite, soft drinks and food while you are on-site.


June 24 – Friday
7:00pm – 9:00pm – At Hydro - Welcome Meet and Greet & question & answer session
(Featuring Slide Show of previous trips and munchies provided)

June 25 – Saturday – 8:00am – Continental Breakfast provided
8:00am – At Hydro – Arrive in full costume/makeup using a character you would be comfortable with working in ALL DAY at both the front door as a hawker and working the queue lines. Keep in mind temperatures during Aug/Sept are basically around 55 – 75 degrees. We will basically be running you thru what a typical Hollywood Horror Show day consists of from 8:30am – 9:00pm start to finish mixed in with Hauntertainer style training as well…!

Saturday Night Bonus – TBA at a later time… we typically do something FUN and EXCITING!

MEALS: Eat something before you come…and bring your own water bottle.  We will provide you a lunch… but not until about 2pm and dinner at about 8pm

Jun 28 – Sunday - Continental Breakfast provided – 9:00am – 9:30am
10:00amNoon – Come dressed as your 2nd Character. We will also be holding final one-on-one interviews with actors followed by the announcement of our selections for this first set of August/Sept. shows. Anyone who successfully completes this training and is not selected for the first set of shows will be definitely in the running for future Australian activities or may be chosen as alternates.


CONTACT US ASAP IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: Email us at or call us today at 419-307-9627we will send you an application to fill out and return ASAP.

Netherworld Haunted House Moves In 2018!

2017 Halloween Season Marks the Final Year in Norcross!

ATLANTA – After one final season at the longtime Norcross Antique Center location this fall, NETHERWORLD Haunted House will relocate to a brand new facility in Stone Mountain, Georgia, the first major move for the world famous haunted house in 20 years. Conveniently located just off of US 78 in Gwinnett County, the 9.5 acre property was purchased by NETHERWORLD in early March. The new location will allow for a large expansion of the haunts, new attractions including year round Escape Games, and increased parking.

“We are pleased and excited that NETHERWORLD is relocating within the Evermore Community Improvement District of Gwinnett. With the recreational history of Stone Mountain coupled with the fact that the Tennis Center is being removed, NETHERWORLD will be the first new venue to change the face of the area. Ultimately, we are looking at creating an entertainment complex to give residents a higher quality of life within the district,” said Evermore CID Executive Director Jim Brooks.
The new location, with nearly ten acres of property and 70,000 square feet of space will also feature expanded retail areas and extensive indoor queuing. In addition to new attractions, the location will also offer attendees a myriad of other amenities, including dozens of restaurants and entertainment options close by.

“Over the last 20 years NETHERWORLD Haunted House has continued to grow and attract more and more fright fans each year,” said Billy Messina, co-owner of NETHERWORLD. “After looking at many locations around the greater Atlanta area, we found the Stone Mountain property and were blown away by how perfect it would be for our operation. Not only is there room to expand our Haunted Attractions, but we’ll also be able to explore new types of themed experiences which we simply don’t have room for at our current location.”

The first to be unveiled will be “Escape the NETHERWORLD” in late summer of 2017, a thrilling series of challenge games that will test the problem solving skills of attendees. Though Escape Games in general are not particularly scary ventures, if you’d like a bit of a scream, NETHERWORLD will offer guests a choice between a “scary” and “not scary” version of their games. Whichever version patron’s experience, they will be sure to see the same high level of detail, theming and fun that NETHERWORLD Haunted House is so well known for. “We’re excited to be opening the Escape Games this summer in Stone Mountain, but we’re equally focused on and excited about NETHERWORLD opening this September for one last season in the place we’ve called “home” for two decades. We’re working really hard to make this final season in Norcross our most epic to date.” Messina further stated.

In its final year at 6624 Dawson Blvd., NETHERWORLD Haunted House is ready to terrify with two new attractions in 2017: PRIMAL SCREAM and Dr. GRENDEL’S FUNHOUSE of HORROR in 3D! The season launches the weekend of Friday, September 22 – Saturday, September 23 and opens seven days a week starting Friday, September 29 through Halloween. The final nights to experience NETHERWORLD at the Norcross location will be Friday, November 3 – Sunday, November 5.
“NETHERWORLD is a world-class haunted attraction. They are powerful marketers who have had an incredible economic impact in Gwinnett.” said Nick Masino, Chief Economic Development Officer at Partnership Gwinnett. “After 20 years, their name and Gwinnett County have become synonymous and we knew it was important to keep them here. We are thrilled that this has been accomplished.”

Visit for more info.