Dent Releases New Video!

 The new video from the Monstars of The Dent Schoolhouse has been released upon an unsuspecting audience. They cover the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jespen and it's pretty damn entertaining.

The Farm Film Has Been Released!

The long awaited movie "The Farm" is now available to purchase. The movie was shot at The Haunted Farm in Pleasantville, OH and is sure to put chills down your spine.

"Not all that goes bump in the night should be found"

The Farm is a paranormal story of horror, based upon true events. You may feel you have seen it all before. The difference is it happened! Detail has been added to enhance the drama and to capture the terror of one horrible and deadly week!

As in all 'based upon true events' films, dramatic license plays a hand to show the emotional terror of a nightmare that was all too real! Will the newly married couple survive this horrific week beyond their understanding, or will they succumb to the secrets of The Farm?

If this sounds like a movie that might interest you then don't forget to purchase a copy of The Farm at