A New Middletown Haunt Set To Open!

A new haunt by the name of Nightmare Manor will be opening in Middletown, Ohio this Halloween season. There will be horror movie scenes, original scenes and interactive elements. City Blood is looking forward to seeing what they offer in the way of scares. Nightmare Manor will be located at 1601 S. University Blvd. It's the building that was once a Cambridge Inn and housed The Chambers of Horror. We will keep you up to date when more information becomes available.

Please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/themonstermanor.

Knox County Poorhouse Burns!

The spooky building that once housed The House of Nightmares years ago has gone up in flames. It's unsure how the fire started on June 26th and it's still under investigation. City Blood will remember The House of Nightmares as one of our all time favorite haunts with one of the best settings we've ever seen for a haunt. The old Knox County Poorhouse will always be in our memories and we'll never forget the great times we had at The House of Nightmares. Below is a video of the fire and here is an article on the fire, http://nbc4i.com/2015/06/26/knox-county-infirmary-catches-fire/.