Haunted Hydro's Foam & Flashlight Fright Event!


Come join us for the VERY first ever FOAM & FLASHLIGHT nights for our Halfway to Halloween celebration on Friday May 12th & Saturday May 13th. From 8:00pm to Midnight, we will open the flood gates for general admission of just $10.00! (Ticket details below)

We will put you through the Haunted Hydro in group sizes depending on Crazy Bob’s mood AKA the Ghost Host in charge at the front door! You will then have to navigate through the dark, dim, and extremely eerie spaces throughout our 1911 Hydro Electric Power Plant full of Monsters… some with flashlights who will provide what little light you need to get through….IF they are feeling nice…

UNTIL….you reach the FOAM….then you are COMPLETELY IMMERSED and on your own!!!!

*Do not run, we suggest you stay together…it will be a LITTLE dark……
* Be prepared to be engulfed in FOAM at some point. You will get a bit damp. We are not responsible for clothes or valuables.
*OR you can be a CHICKEN and escape the haunt without any FOAM with our CHICKEN route but trust us…. that decision may be worse than the FOAM….(ha…ha…ha..)

SO, see you soon my friends for a ONE OF A KIND time with our FOAM & FLASHLIGHTS event May 12th & 13th!

And remember… “Never, ever, come alone”!!!

Tickets are available for purchase online at www.thehauntedhydro.com and are highly suggested to be purchased ahead of time. A limited amount of tickets will be pre-sold for both the TIMED TICKETS and VIP, at an extra cost. If you wait to purchase your ticket at the event…there are no guarantees that the TIMED and/or VIP tickets will be available when you arrive. General admission has no limit. The more the scarier and the more fun & fright we get to have with you!

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